The short answer is absolutely! If there is one style of wine that can be categorised as a “Food Wine” it is cool climate produced wines.

Cool Climate wines are fruit driven, crisp and clean with elegant finishes. They are a great food companion and do not overpower flavours Chefs create.

Let’s discuss the Southern Highlands of NSW as a wine region. It is a fact this region is still young, evolving and producing interesting and innovate wines. You will find most of the wineries have a food outlet and this is because it just makes sense. These wines are made to be consumed with food. If anything the restaurants become the perfect marketing tool to sell wine. It is a good way to try before you buy loads of cases.

Getting back onto comfort food. A trend I see is “lighter” style comfort foods. Many recipes tend to offer alternatives. Broad beans and lentils can be substituted for polenta, crispy kale chips substituted for the good old fashioned potato chips. These substitutions create lighter eating and fresher flavours. Again, perfect for cool climate wines.

Think of Poultry. The classic “Chicken with forty cloves of garlic”. Delicious. Put on Orange sauce with this and a Southern Highlands Winery cool climate Chardonnay, now I am in Heaven!

Throw a lamb in for slow cooking and some plums for a little sweetness and serve a Southern Highlands Winery Cabernet Sauvignon, just perfect.

Next time you are buying wine think about the dishes you love and what style of wine will match. Give Cool Climate Wines a go and see the difference. I know you will be pleasantly surprised.