As your wedding day draws closer you may be starting to think about some of the finer details of your day and like most people, you want to look good in your wedding photos. As a wedding photographer one thing that I constantly hear in client meetings in “make me look thin” or “I don’t like my arms can you make them smaller in Photoshop”. 

With this in mind, I will share some helpful tips to remember on your day that will help you look your best in all your wedding photos without feeling like your posing.    

In your wedding photos stand slightly angled to the camera angle

We are at our widest straight on so if we turn our body slightly this is a natural way to slim down. It’s all about perspective in relationship to the camera angle.

Avoid hard light

What is hard light I hear you asking? 

Hard light is direct midday sunlight. The later in the day you schedule your formal wedding photos the more flattering the light will be.  

Ideally, the best time for photos is the last one and half hours before sunset.  As the sun is starting to set it also gets softer and this is really flattering to skin and skin tones in photos.

Try and avoid pressing your arms up against your body

This tip’s mostly for the ladies who want to try and avoid having larger arms.  Even a skinny girl with thin arms can look bigger than she actually is if her arms are pressed up against the body. 

This is such a simple tip that can really make a huge difference to your wedding photos and your wedding photographer should be able to give you some cues to help minimise this.

If you can’t see it it’s not a problem   

If you’re concerned about having larger arms or if the pinch of skin in-between your armpit and chest concerns you because it can sometimes look larger than it really is when wearing a strapless wedding dress.  Simply plan to wear a veil and or bring a beautiful shawl that can cover the problem area for a few shots this will soften and draw the views attention away from this area.

While these are some great tips to keep in mind on your wedding day you’re going to have a million things going through your mind so it’s partially the job of an experienced photographer to help you look your best and give you a few simple cues and directions to help you look your best in your photos.




This article was kindly written by Southern Highlands wedding photographer Andrew Szopory his work can be viewed at